How to prepare for your infusion?

Before starting, here is everything you need to know about your IV infusion treatment session:

1. Bring an ID with you, we need to verify your identity before starting.

2. Our trained medical professionals will locate and check the right medication, dose, time, and routes (vein, injection, or port).

3. Then, a needle will be inserted into a proper vein, usually in the arm and a tube will be connected to an IV bag containing the medication. The bag will hang so that the solution drips steadily into your bloodstream. Depending on the treatment, we may need to use more than one IV bag.

4. Each IV therapy session may take between 30 minutes and a few hours, depending on the medication and your specific condition. You should ask our medical professionals about your particular treatment’s length.

5. The assigned nurse will accompany you for a few minutes after treatment to monitor the process.

Because you will receive plenty of fluids, you might want to use the bathroom regularly; that is entirely normal. Just be sure to tell the nurse that is monitoring you first.