Outpatient Infusion

Thrivewell Infusion offers individualized, quality care, comfort, and compassion within our high-end infusion suite.  We provide clinically supervised outpatient infusion administration for short-term clinical treatment and long-term infusion therapy for chronic disease management.  We accept most insurance plans and provide Insurance Verification and Pre-authorization for your treatment.  Our locations throughout the greater New York City-metropolitan area includes multiple locations servicing patients across NYC, Long Island, Westchester, and Hudson Valley.

Home Infusion

Home infusion is a safe, alternative treatment option for post-acute clinical therapy and provides a reduction in lengthy, inpatient hospital stays.  Our experienced team of caring nurses provide IV-medication treatment for medically accepted patients within the comfort of their own home.

Home infusion for ongoing clinical therapy and health maintenance is offered to our patients following an initial treatment within our clinically-staffed infusion centers to assess dosing and home infusion assessment.

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