Vitality Infusions

Thrivewell Vitality Infusions

Concierge IV rejuvenation therapies, designed by our team of Yale-trained physicians for individuals seeking enhancement.


Why should you be punished for working hard and playing hard? Our package includes anti-pain and anti-nausea components in addition to hydration and electrolytes. $110 / 30 min.


So you don’t remember what happened last weekend and now you have major work to do? Our package will help you recover quickly with the addition of Super B complex, Vitamin Boosters, Glutathione and Thiamine. $180 / 45 min.


Making your inner glow visible. This remedy promotes healthy glowing skin and minimizes the appearance of dark spots and scarring. Active ingredients include Glutathione and Ascorbic Acid. $100 / 30 min.


You may already be working hard to lose weight via diet and exercise, but the pounds are melting away at a glacial pace. Let us help you rev up the process with our most popular product. $180 / 30 min.


The ultimate brain sharpener. Augment your concentration and energy so that you can tap into your inner genius before that important exam or presentation. $100 / 30 min.


Reverse aging on a cellular level. Active ingredients include NAD+. Research suggests NAD+ repairs DNA damage and restores mitochondrial function–thereby, boosting energy, cognition, and overall health. Price varies / 30 min.


Release the internal toxins that have been weighing you down. This cleanse will replenish your cells with essential building blocks for growth and repair. $250 / 90 min.


Internal calm state of mind is challenging to maintain but crucial in this modern age. Our remedy will help you keep your head when all those around you are losing theirs. $180 / 30 min.


Battling a cold or were coughed on too many times today in the elevator? Take preventive action now and boost your immune system. $180 / 30 min.


Because you are not a robot and you do actually experience fatigue every now and then. This infusion will help you recharge and start afresh after a grueling race or long day at work. $100 / 30 min.

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